Musician, world famous clarinetist.

Culture during the war is a special phenomenon, which to a certain extent is a reflection of the stability of the people and their fighting spirit. This is a tool with which the nation not only rallies around common aspirations, but also demonstrates its strength and spiritual power to the whole world.
In this context, the role of “guides” of culture is extremely important, one of which in modern Ukraine, of course, is the GN Consulting agency. I am sincerely grateful to the agency and personally to its founder, Sergey Nazarov, for the opportunity to perform in my native, unique Odesa, a Ukrainian city that is famous throughout the world for its unique cultural and creative heritage.
I hope this concert fulfilled its main mission – it inspired odesans to further struggle for freedom and independence, to the future Victory. I sincerely believe that together with the professionals of the GN Consulting agency we will organize the next concert in a free, peaceful Odesa and together we will celebrate the victory of the Ukrainian people!


Producer of Yumorina, curator of the Odessa murals project

Every business, just like a person, is unique. At least because they are led by different people. In my work I strive to choose partners who are not only well-qualified specialists, but also who allow me to engage in other matters without a need to control quality control and performance in their area of responsibility. GN Consulting fully complies with this criterion. They offer solutions with a focus on specific consumers and specific businesses that ensure the business expansion and entry in new markets today, within the framework of modern realities


Founder and head of Taxi Bond

Promoting any modern business, it is important to adequately respond to all social and political trends, constantly maintain your presence in the media, correctly formulate public messages and much more.

In order to quickly and intelligently communicate our messages to the target audience on the Internet, we several times turned to GN Consulting and were satisfied. I am sure that the individual approach to the needs of our company, the high level of client-oriented approach and good communication have determined the maximal effectiveness in achieving the set goals.



In comparison with international standards of political consulting, the market of political PR services in Ukraine is still poorly developed. None of the major political players in the country can afford to engage in the election campaign, without appealing to the services of political technologists and political consultants. Those parties and politicians who use the experience and practical solutions of GN Consulting usually achieve success during elections, as evidenced by the previous campaigns in 2014 and 2015.

PR is a very young direction of the advertising services market, and there are few specialists with the education of a political scientist or sufficient experience in assessing the political situation. Therefore GN Consulting is actually the dominant company in the profile market of the South of Ukraine.


Deputy of Odessa City Council

Political PR is a tricky and personal task: the image, status and even the authority of the individual or the political force are at stake. That is why the trust between the candidate and his communication team is the most important in the electoral campaign.

Lack of trust and diversity in the company’s structures leads to loss of mission, corruption and usually ends in failure. It’s because politicians are regular people, often with a robust self-esteem, and, accordingly, they can behave unpredictably and absolutely illogically. For 20 years, the GN Consulting experts have not only mastered all possible variations in the solution of such problems, but also have proven themselves as specialists who can and should be trusted. And when there is trust and the team works as one unit, it will always lead to positive results.


Honored Lawyer of Ukraine

Most professional PR agencies prefer to work in the commercial sphere and do not appear in this or that political party. After all, in the future this may prevent making business from companies whose owners share other political views.

GN Consulting specialists do not see a big difference in whether their agency is engaged in promoting a product, business, person or politician. Here everyone just does his/her job and does it well: political strategists create strategies, advertisers conduct advertising campaigns from a creative idea to its realization, and PR experts work with the media.