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Delegation of the Parliament of Great Britain

Today, our country’s main goal is to integrate our society and businesses into the European space. 

We are working on this every day and are glad that we have this opportunity to interact with our partners from the UK, US, and EU.

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Social project for children

GN Consulting continues to support a social project for children forced to leave their homes due to the military invasion.

We are confident that the unification of Ukrainian business will help bring our Victory closer!

Social project "Creative power"

Since the beginning of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Odesans have been supporting the Armed Forces of Ukraine, volunteers and those who help them with all their might.
Odesa musicians and creative teams did not stand aside and are trying in every possible way to contribute to our Victory!
Together with the head of the Odesa Municipal Theater of Brass Music.  A. Salika Irina Timakh created the musical volunteer initiative “Creative Power” and organized performances at various venues in the city.

A charity concert of the world-famous clarinetist Julian Milkis

A charity concert of the world-famous clarinetist Julian Milkis was held at the Odesa National Academic Theater of Opera and Ballet. In this difficult period for our country, the musician decided to support Odesa and the people of Odesa.
The mayor of Odesa, Gennadiy Trukhanov, thanked the maestro from the stage for a wonderful evening, for his courage and principles. And most importantly, for a courageous struggle on our cultural front.


Yumorina is one of the brightest holidays in Odesa, which has been held annually since 1973.
Due to the beginning of the military aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine, it was decided to hold Yumorina in military style and unofficially call it “Javelina 2022”.
The main task of Yumorina in 2022 is to raise morale among the Ukrainian soldiers, as well as support Odesans in difficult times for Ukraine.
“Javelina” consisted of an online marathon and an art exhibition of military satire. The marathon was attended by Ukrainian celebrities, stand-up comedians, and artists from Odesa.

Training for the Youth Council under the mayor of Odesa (2022)

Director of the communication agency “GN Consulting” Alexander Shatkhin conducted a training in the field of political PR and modern technologies for the Youth Council under the Odesa Mayor.

Training for the International Media Academy

Head of the GN Consulting agency, Alexander Shatkhin and deputy of the Odesa district council Maria Popravka, presented a case on holding large environmental events for students of the International Media Academy.
Drawing on experience of the Odesa International Eco-Festival, students of Ukrainian universities were told how to conduct a successful promotion in the media and social networks.

VII International Festival “Golden Violins”

Festival of master classes and concerts of European and American violin virtuosos.
Performance of soloists from Austria, Germany, USA, Ukraine dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the famous Odesa citizen Peter Stolyarsky.
Agency “GN Consulting” acted as a partner and co-organizer of the VII International Festival “Golden Violins of Odesa”, having experience in organizing large-scale European classical music events.

Installation “Lids for baby”

Communication agency “GN Consulting” will supported the charity project “Covers for Baby”. The installation is a heart, created to collect plastic bottle caps, the proceeds of which go to charity. The composition is aimed not only at raising funds for children with special needs, but also at creating a culture of sorting and recycling waste.

II Odessa International Ecofestival

Odesa International Eco-Festival
is an all-Ukrainian platform that brought together environmentally friendly lifestyle activists and those who want to join the idea and the global trend of proper waste sorting, rejection of the use of plastic, polyethylene, care for the animal world, green spaces and conscious consumption.
The Ecofestival is a huge platform that brings together eco-movements and eco-activists from all over Ukraine, who actively promote the idea of introducing innovative mechanisms to protect the environment.

International Classical Music Festival “Odesa Classics”

The International Festival “Odesa Classics” is a triumphant event in the world of classical music.
The team of the agency “GN Consulting” joined the organization of the VII festival in 2021. The first experience in organizing a European-scale festival in the field of classical music. A grandiose and large-scale event among agency cases.

Training for the Youth Council under the mayor of Odesa

Experts of the communication agency “GN Consulting” conducted a series of trainings in the field of communications and PR for the Youth Council under the Odesa city mayor.

First Odesa Eco-fest

• 4 000+ festival guests
• 1 000+ children and adolescents (including)
• 11 speakers — popular eco-activists from Kyiv and Odesa

1. to raise the general level of eco-culture in Odesa
2. to set an eco-dimension in the education of the younger generation

Round Table «Euro-Atlantic integration of Ukraine»

Participants discussed political and legal aspects of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the European Union and prospects for a further rapprochement of our state with the EU.
Of course, an important factor of the integration of the state into the European Union is the observance of the Copenhagen criteria regarding the level of democracy and economy development in a country seeking to become a member of the EU in accordance with Art. 49 of the Treaty on European Union.

Signing a collaboration agreement with the Florida Bar Association

• Roy Gones,
(attorney, member of the Florida Bar Association)
• Sergey Nazarov (CEO of GN Consulting)
• Mykhailo Katsyn (moderator)

Odesa Gay Pride – 2019

• 300+ participants from Ukraine
• 30 participants from Munich
• 50+ observers from international organizations
• 6 representatives of European Embassies
• 300+ positive or neutral publications in the media

Reaching an agreement on the exchange of experience in attracting and protecting foreign direct investments

• George Bermann (Professor at the Columbia University Law school)
• Pavel Vugelman (vice-mayor of Odesa)
• Sergey Nazarov (CEO at the GN Consulting)
• Mykhailo Katsyn (moderator)