Social project "Creative power"

Since the beginning of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Odesans have been supporting the Armed Forces of Ukraine, volunteers and those who help them with all their might.

Odesa musicians and creative teams did not stand aside and are trying in every possible way to contribute to our Victory!

Together with the head of the Odesa Municipal Theater of Brass Music.  A. Salika Irina Timakh created the musical volunteer initiative “Creative Power” and organized performances at various venues in the city.  Some of the concerts take place online. 

The purpose of the concert activity is to support the fighting spirit of our defenders, volunteers, residents of Odesa and temporarily displaced persons who are forced to leave their homes and move to hospitable Odesa. 

Sergey Nazarov, founder of GN Consulting: “Our agency has been supporting the Odesa cultural front for many years. Today we are striving to strengthen the fighting spirit of Ukrainian defenders, and culture plays a leading role in this matter.” 

Concerts are held in different parts of the city.  Also, performances by the musicians of the municipal theater and the musical volunteer initiative “Creative Power” are held at humanitarian headquarters for IDPs and volunteers in the Charitable Foundation “Derzhi” and “7:40”.  These are, in particular, performances for children in the Charitable Foundation “One Step Closer” and in the support center for migrants from Mariupol. 

Alexander Shatkhin, General Director of GN Consulting: “We believe that Victory Day will come very soon, but for now we will do everything in our power to support the military, volunteers and Ukrainians, each in their own place bringing this day closer!”