GN Consulting continues to support a social project for children forced to leave their homes due to the military invasion. We are confident that the unification of Ukrainian business will help bring our Victory closer!

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The premiere of the video for the Independence Day of Ukraine "It's me!"  to the cover version of the composition "Courage to change" (Sia). Life is always stronger than death. Good always wins over evil. Today, Ukrainian children, together with adults, steadfastly endure all the trials that the russian occupier brought to our land. Our children continue to carry peace, love and hope in their hearts. "It's me" is a manifesto of Ukrainian children, a message to adults around the world.

New Year’s video of Gefest construction company

International Classical Music Festival “Odessa Classics”

Video congratulations from the mayor of Odesa Gennady Trukhanov from March 8

Video greetings from the mayor of Odesa Gennady Trukhanov Happy New Year

The first trainings of the anti-sabotage group under the leadership of the SBU in the north of Odesa region, the storming of the building by the security forces and the release of the hostages and how to coordinate the actions of 500 people in extreme conditions. Image video for the SBU.

Image video for the deputy of the city council Alexander Ivanitsky

Video for the election campaign of a candidate for deputies of the Odesa City Council

Video for the election campaign of the leaders of the “Trust Deeds” party in the local elections 2020

The anti-terrorist headquarters of the SBU conducted large-scale interregional exercises. Image video for the SBU

Image video for the election campaign to Parliament (Verkhovna Rada)

Video congratulations to the City Day

Video message to doctors

Cartoon video