First Odesa Eco-fest

• 4 000+ festival guests
• 1 000+ children and adolescents (including)
• 11 speakers — popular eco-activists from Kyiv and Odesa

1. to raise the general level of eco-culture in Odesa
2. to set an eco-dimension in the education of the younger generation

OBJECTIVE №1. To present municipal eco-projects to Odesa residents 
• implementation of the municipal animal registration program
• work of the municipal mobile eco-lab
• presentation of the Things that Help project
OBJECTIVE №2. To teach Odesa residents the rules for sorting garbage
• platform for the collection of solid waste for further processing and recycling

TASK №3. To demonstrate the consequences of chaotic pollution of the environment to children and to teach them to take care of the environment in the gaming form
• launch of the Green Race flashmob, which Odesa students passed to schoolchildren from other Ukrainian cities
• creation of ecological canvassers
• development and implementation of school environmental projects

• 150+
 positive or neutral publications in the media
• 5 hours of non-stop eco-culture education
• 11 useful and exciting speeches from eco-leaders
• 500 tons of waste is collected and disposed of
• 500 kg of batteries are delivered and disposed of
• 365 mercury lamps were deposited and sent for disposal